2008-07-05 SBC Circuit Show Tullinge

Judge: Leslie Tomlinson, Coalacre, UK, dogs

Judge: Brenda White, Moonhill, UK, bitches

70 Dogs 69 Bitches

PHOTO: Mia jansson


Hermonia Od Emy Destinové


Philemon Secret Service

BOB, CAC: Philemon Secret Service
R-CAC: Alistair’s It Takes Two to Tango
BOS, CAC: Hermonia Od Emy Destinové
R-CAC: Honeytaste Dream on Baby


  1. Alistair’s It Takes Two to Tango, EXC, R-CAC
  2. Farmarens His Masters Voice, EXC
  3. Shinuba’s Loud’n Proud, EXC
  4. Farmarens Give Me Five, EXC
    Fabulous Fur’s Sir James Simpson, EXC
    Farmarens Florian Prinzkrona, EXC
    Funbeeco’s Game Boy, EXC
    Kinsfolk Mr Bingley, EXC
    Love Magic Vanilka, EXC
    Malinda’s Don Juan, EXC
    McHaire Magnum N, EXC
    Memorylane Ahead Ofthegame, EXC
    Pretty Bear Just a Wish, EXC
    Stand Out CSI Las Vegas, EXC
    Beardcaper’s Midnight Inspiration, VG
    Carre D’as De Chester, VG
    Double Scotch Quarter Latin, VG
    Hair Clown’s Flying Herkules, VG
    Memorylane Step Aside Boys, VG


  1. Breaker Champus Delight, EXC
  2. Farmarens Hallo Dollie, EXC
  3. Funbeeco’s Glamorous, EXC
  4. Philemon Secret Spell, EXC
    Astricka Malý Vousácek, EXC
    Denters Whirlwinds Just a Kiss, EXC
    Farmarens Flava Jemtlandica, EXC
    Farmarens Good Girl, EXC
    Hillbacka Worrying Kind, EXC
    Rumängens Elieen, EXC
    Svassas Call Me Sweetie, EXC
    Breaker Choice for Victory, VG
    Celtsdale Sunny Side Up, VG
    Farmarens Flora Uplandica, VG
    Lärkängen’s Take It Easy, VG
    Memorylane Step Aside Boys, VG
    Plaza De Lux, VG


  1. Philemon Secret Service, EXC, BOB
  2. Potterdale Star Attraction, EXC
  3. Svassas Born to Impress, EXC
  4. Svassas Born Happy, EXC
    Diotima’s Last Orders, EXC
    Fabulous Fur’s Sir William Paterson, EXC
    La-Faja’s Custom Made, EXC
    Natterjack Blue Bounty, EXC
    Svassas Born a Star, EXC
    Beastly’s Noel of Dunbar, VG


  1. Honeytaste Dream on Baby, EXC, R-CAC
  2. Lärkängen’s Trendy Miss Wendy, EXC
  3. Malandex Xpatriate, EXC
  4. Hairbodys True Love Always, EXC
    Beastly’s Bell of Aberdour, EXC
    Hairbodys You’ve Got Love, EXC
    Pretty Bear Illustrious Beauty, EXC
    Svassas Born to Amaze, EXC
    Celtsdale So Sweet at Nonchalance, VG
    Svassas Born Sweet, VG
    Wipster’s Queen Lisa at Nonchalance, VG


  1. Firstprizebears Enfield, EXC
  2. Vivaldi De Chester, EXC
  3. Highflying Ace of Hearts, EXC
  4. Moonhill Time to Dream, EXC
    Abs Des Emeraudes Du Lac, EXC
    Benedikt Vanilka, EXC
    Celtsdale Perfect Dream, EXC
    Firstone Aus Dem Elbe-Urstromtal, EXC
    Firstprizebears Don Johnson, EXC
    Goonie’s Flash of Lighning, EXC
    Honeytaste Super Star, EXC
    Kindle Passion Just Marvellous, EXC
    Kindle Passion Off the Peg, EXC
    Lindvallarnas Lucky-Business, EXC
    No-Nonsense’s Fredrikson, EXC
    Oldbear Wishmaster, EXC
    Spirit of Caledonia, EXC
    Steel Town’s Another Charm, EXC
    T-Bob’s Bau Bravehart in Brown Suit, EXC
    Tailwind Papaw Place Your Bet, EXC
    High Jack Showing the Way, VG
    Holmsland Klit Finest Chocolate Chip, VG
    Indián Od Emy Destinové, VG
    Nickelbys Robert the Bruce, VG
    Svassas First Illusion, VG
    T-Bob’s Buddy Bon Jovi, KEP


  1. Hermonia Od Emy Destinové, CAC, BOS
  2. Honeytaste Naughty Nylons, EXC
  3. Alistair’s Go-As-You-Please, EXC
  4. La-Faja’s Beat’em All, EXC
    Balza Alyson Black, EXC
    Dreamfactory Albertine
    Dreamfactory Apple-Pie, EXC
    Farmarens Artful Andalucia, EXC
    Firstprizebears Donna Summer, EXC
    Memorylane Knoxx Off Your Sox, EXC
    Midnight’s Crazy in Love, EXC
    Nickelbys Over Average, EXC
    Nickelbys Quite A Lady, EXC
    No-Nonsense’s Dachenka, EXC
    No-Nonsense’s Darcy Brown, EXC
    Oldbear Kiss Inthenight, EXC
    Papaw Tailwind Gonna Getcha Good, EXC
    Philemon Dreams of My Heart, EXC
    Shinuba’s Jigsaw Puzzle, EXC
    Skarnbro’s Her Highness, EXC
    Steel Town’s Ain’t Me Baby, EXC
    T-Bob’s Brandy Within Temptasion, EXC
    Tre’s Lisen, EXC
    Artisan First Frost, VG
    Bristregal Lady Writer, VG
    Casanova’s Glory of Synvillans, VG
    Celtsdale What Dreams May Come, VG
    Chemnitz Clan Da Capo Madonna, VG
    Chuligánska Od Emy Destinové, VG
    Desert Gold Kiaora, VG
    Dreamfactory Adelaide, VG
    Farmarens Bonnie Lass, VG
    Igor’s Black Mathilde, VG
    Mayflower’s Nadine at Dea-Dro, VG
    No-Nonsense’s Elegance, VG


  1. Shorelines Devoted to Shaw, EXC
  2. Heather Mist This is My Life, EXC
  3. Breaksea Norwegian Wood, EXC
  4. Alistair’s Yahoo, EXC
    Beastly’s Nevermore Without You, EXC
    Bristregal Limelight Regal, EXC
    Butch Cassidy of Slavic Charm, EXC
    Farmarens Weeping Willow, EXC
    Firstprizebears Colorado, EXC
    Highflying No Doubt, EXC
    Honeytaste Hot Stuff, EXC
    La-Faja’s X-clusive Blend, EXC
    Memorylane A Place in the Sun, EXC
    No-Nonsense’s Baronbyron, EXC
    Philabeg Dandy to Dizzy Dino, EXC
    Shinuba’s Independence Day, EXC
    T-Bob’s Bateste The Encorer, EXC
    Typografen’s Indigo Illustration, EXC
    Typografen’s Mocca Jeans, EXC
    Zednora’s Happy Ozzy, EXC
    Zotti-Floppy Toppolino, EXC


  1. Quarry’s Utopia, EXC
  2. Goonie’s Easy As Pie, EXC
  3. Farmarens True Spirit, EXC
  4. Firstprizebears Cony Island, EXC
    A La Folie Des Emeraudes Du Lac, EXC
    Beastly’s Never Mind, EXC
    Beastly’s No-No Look Again, EXC
    Breaksea Bounty, EXC
    Farmarens Real Diamond, EXC
    Lärkängen’s Just the One and Only, EXC
    Memorylane Original Cindy, EXC
    Nickelbys Private Collection, EXC
    Vargåkern’s Flying Enterprice, EXC
    Vis Ta Vie De Chester, EXC


  1. Offenbach de Chester, EXC
  2. Natterjack Jay Kay, EXC
  3. Synvillans Power Quest, EXC
  4. Falkstolhågen’s Famous Pavarotti, EXC


  1. Farmarens Polly Pumpkin, EXC
  2. Memorylane I Eat Tigers, EXC
  3. Siggans Felicia, EXC

Critique: 2008-07-05 SBC Tullinge, Leslie Tomlinson, Brenda White