Welcome to Beardisar I Ringen

Beardies In (the show) Ring

This website is dedicated to Bearded Collies who have been awarded a Swedish conformation championship, as well as results from Swedish national, nordic and international shows. This website is a private initiative, run by Marlene Lundmark with the assistance of Gertie Björklund and Charlotte Laning Vrethammar.

In the champion gallery, dogs are listed with their titles as they appear in the Swedish Kennel Club open registry ”Hunddata”.

The champion gallery and show results are works in progress. I will work my way backwards, adding more champions and more show results. Should you want to add, change or remove photos of your dog, or should you find any errors, please email me at: marlene@bir-swe.se

Three CAC’s are needed for a Swedish championship – SE UCH. At least one has to be awarded after the dog is two years old. This means that juniors and intermediate dogs can win multiple CAC’s without finishing their championship. Dogs that have a foreign championship title, recognized by the Swedish Kennel Club, only need one Swedish CAC for their SE UCH.

Dogs born before 2000 are listed according to their year of birth. Dogs born in 2000 or later are listed by the year in which they finished their championship. Consequently, there are no dogs listed 2000-2001.

Marlene Lundmark