CAC winners 2024.

Three CAC’s are needed for a Swedish championship – SE UCH. At least one has to be awarded after the dog is two years old. This means that juniors and intermediate dogs can win multiple CAC’s without finishing their championship. Dogs that have a foreign championship title, recognized by the Swedish Kennel Club, only need one Swedish CAC for their SE UCH.

2024-01-13 SKK Nat Göteborg Judge: Anne-Cathrine Unelsröd, NO
  Drängagråten Masi 1st
  Alistair’s Jenny on the Block 3rd & Title
2024-01-14 SKK Int Göteborg Judge: Karl Eddie Berge, NO
  Hillbacka Entertainer 4th & Title
  Vallklanens Alexandria 1st

CAC winners 2023