CAC winners 2023


CAC winners 2023.

Three CAC’s are needed for a Swedish championship – SE UCH. At least one has to be awarded after the dog is two years old. This means that juniors and intermediate dogs can win multiple CAC’s without finishing their championship. Dogs that have a foreign championship title, recognized by the Swedish Kennel Club, only need one Swedish CAC for their SE UCH.

    no Dog CAC
  Highflying Under Cover 3rd & Title
  Old Highland’s Puzzle de Luxe 1st & Title
  Vallklanens Worth the Wait 2nd & Title
2023-04-09 SKK INT Malmö Judge Eva Liljekvist Borg, SE
  Honeytaste James Grieve 3rd & Title
  Old Highland’s You Are Dynamite 1st
2023-04-16 SKK NAT Sundsvall Judge Marianne Holm Larnemaa, FI
Braemoor’s Feelin’ Groovy
  Farmarens Lucky Win 1st
2023-04-22 SKK NAT Västerås Judge Karl-Erik Johansson, SE
  Farmarens Èclair d’Amour 3rd & Title
  Farmarens Lucky Win 2nd
2023-05-06 SKK Nordic Skara Judge Svante Frisk, SE
    no Dog CAC
Goonie’s Merry and Bright 2nd
2023-05-13 SBC Hässleholm Judge Danielle Ponthus, Les Emeraudes du lac,
  Heather Mist Mr Sandman 1st
  Farmarens Lucky Win 3rd
2023-05-14 SKK Nordic Hässleholm Judge Johnny Andersson, SE
  Menander MR Kinda Typical 1st
  Farmarens Lucky Win 4th
2023-05-27 SKK INT Gimo Judge Ann-Christin Sultan, SE
    no Dog CAC
  Farmarens Lucky Win 5th
2023-05-28 SKK NAT Piteå Svein Bjarne Helgesson, NO
  Menander Mr Kinda Typical 2nd
  Lärkängen’s It’s My Party 2nd
2023-06-03 SBC Norrköping Judge Nina Lönner-Andersson, Alistair’s,
  Menander Mr Kinda Typical 3rd
  Goonie’s Merry And Bright 3rd & Title
2023-06-04 SKK NAT Norrköping Judge Sara Nordin SE
  Old Smuggler’s Blockbuster 1st
  Farmarens Caledonian Delight 2nd
2023-06-10 SKK Nordic Vännäs Judge Per Kristian Andersen, NO
  Ripicca d’Amore Great Pretender 1st
  Lärkängen’s It’s My Party 3rd & Title
2023-06-11 SKK Nordic Vänersborg Judge Eva Liljekvist Borg, SE
  Alistair’s Johnny on the Spot 2nd
  Alistair’s Looks and Smiles 1st
2023-06-17 SKK Nordic Leksand Judge Tuire Okkola, FI
  Alistair’s On The Rocks 1st
  Alistair’s Looks and Smiles 2nd
2023-06-18 SKK INT Mohed Judge Sonny Ström, SE
    no Dog CAC
  Farmarens Ivory Grace 1st
2023-06-30 SKK INT Gällivare Judge Sara Nordin, SE
  Alistair’s Off the Record 1st
  Alistair’s Heart of Gold 1st & Title
2023-07-01 SKK NAT Borås Judge Benny Blidh von Schedvin, SE
  Alistair’s On The Rocks 2nd
  Alistair’s Looks and Smiles 3rd & Title
2023-07-07 SKK INT Tvååker Judge Anne-Chaterine Edoff, SE
  Alistair’s On The Rocks 3rd
Beastly’s Country Fudge 1st
2023-07-08 SKK NAT Tvååker Judge: Tal Yaffe, IL
  Old Highland’s Dark And Debonair 1st & Title
  Typografen’s Quick Quiz 1st
2023-07-15 SKK Nordic Piteå Judge Anthony Kelly, IR
  Ripicca d’Amore Great Pretender 2nd
  Heather Mist Make You Feel My Love 1st
  Typografen’s Quirky ’N’ Quaint 9th & Title
  Highland’s Society Nothing But Precious 1st
2023-07-23 SKK INT Västerås Judge Charlotta Mellin, SE
  Alistair’s Good as Gold 3rd & Title
  Alistair’s Jenny on the Block 1st
2023-07-29 SKK INT Ransäter Judge Jenny Öhqvist, SE
  Someone to Love in Vogue Island 3rd & Title
  Alistair’s Foxy Lady 1st
2023-08-05 SBC Svenstavik Judge: Lesley Tomlinson, UK, Coalacre
  Braemoor’s Feelin’ Groovy 2nd
  Farmarens Lucky Win 6th
2023-08-06 SKK INT Svenstavik Judge Per Lundström, SE
  Braemoor’s Feelin’ Groovy 3rd
  Farmarens Lucky Win 7th
2023-08-12 SKK INT Askersund Judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, FI
  Alistair’s Johnny on the Spot 3rd & Title
  Heather Mist Having A Blast 3rd & Title
2023-08-13 SKK Nordic Ronneby Judge Lena Danker-Höglund, FI
  Awniescot’s Rockery Master 3rd & Title
  Farmarens Caledonian Delight 3rd & Title
2023-08-12 SKK NAT Överkalix Judge Marcus Gisslén, SE
  White Nuns Bearded Dexter 1st
  Lärkängen’s Let Your Love Flow 1st
2023-08-19 SKK Nordic Eskilstuna Judge Jahn Stääv, SE
  Alistair’s On The Rocks 4th
  Alistair’s Jenny On The Block 2nd
2023-08-20 SKK Nordic Norrköping Judge Per Lundström, SE
  Alistair’s On The Rocks 5th
  Silver Diadem When Magic Shows 1st
2023-08-26 SKK NAT Ljungskile Judge Markus Gisslén, SE
  Lärkängen’s Laughter in the Rain 1st
High Jack Flamin’ Hot 1st & Title
2023-08-26 SKK NAT Visby Judge Svein Bjarn Helgesen, Norge
    no Dog CAC
  Lärkängen’s Joy to the World 4th & Title
2023-08-27 SKK Nordic Visby Judge Nina Lönner-Andersson, SE
    no Dog CAC
  Hillbacka Botox 3rd & Title
2023-09-02 SKK NAT Löttorp Judge Jeanett Lemmeke, SE
  Old Smuggler’s Blockbuster 2nd
  Shorelines Her Highness 1st
2023-09-09 SKK INT Sandviken Judge Beata Petkevica LV
  Alistair’s One for the Road 1st
  Farmarens Lucky Win 8th
2023-09-10 SKK NAT Gimo Judge Lena Danker-Höglund, FI
  Great Estate’s Aberama Gold 1st
  Farmarens Love For Lollipops 1st
  Highflying Purple Rain 1st & Title
Old Highland’s Lovely and Lucky
1st & Title
  Heather Mist Mr Sandman 2nd
  La-Faja’s Vintage Breeze 1st
  Lärkängen’s Laughter in the Rain 2nd
  Lärkängen’s Let the Sunshine In 1st
  Menander Mr Kinda Typical 4th
  Farmarens Lucky Win 9th