2022-07-09 SBC Gålö David Hyde (D) John Ritchie (B)

Valpklass 4-6 hanar
Menander Mr Kinda Typical
flashy 5 m. Old delightful temperament nice head good forechess, and dept of ribs, nice full coat, nice rear, would just like a little more lenth, this could came with age nicely handled to get the best in movement

Vallklanens Get In Line
4 m Brown, needs to darker the eye, his underjaw needs to develop, to get clearans to his K9 nicely balance front and rear good dept of chess, nicely lenght of back, delightful temperament. Just as a bearded should be
Valpklass 6-9 hanar
Beardmarked’s Let’s Dance
7 m. Brown. Eye needs to darker nice front, good dept and lenght of back, nice coat coming thrue, moved nicely, needs a little more drive from behind, symphatilcy handled
Best male puppy
VALP 1 HP BIR-valp

Old Castlebridge Dark As A Dungeon
6 m. Old eye needs to darker, would like a little more layback on shoulder, nicely length of back, vere hash coat comming, moved well holding a nice topline, just a little loose behind this will come with age.

Vallklanens Rider In The Storm
6 m. Old a lot of coat, eyes needs to darker, nice lenght of back nice dept ribs balance angulation, moved steadly lovely temperament just right for age
Valpklass 4-6 tikar
Vallklanens Don’t Think Twice
5 m. Old with lovely pigment and eye, underjaw still needs to develop. Nicely balance both end delightful temperament, lovely coat colour, movement a loose as be expected for this age
Valpklass 6-9 tikar
Braemoor’s Wildflower
6 m. Brown, nice pigment, and eyes darkening nicely, balanced angulation for and out lenght of back coming from lenght of rib, move steadly, delightful temperament as it should be
VALP 1 HP BIM-valp

Highland’s Society Nothing But Prec
7,5 m. Dark slight, underjaw still needs to develop and K9 needs to clear, nice outline when standing, nice angulation fore and back would like a little more lengths of rib, moved nicely by seattled and brought her tail down

Old Castlebridge Do you Love Me
6 m. Old blue nice eye and pigment, nicely balanced, good lenght of back, nice easy movement, lovely temperament, good coat colour, coat coming thrue nicely
Juniorklass hanar
Memorylane Buckle Up Buttercups
Brown going throug very pale state, eye needs to darker, nice head, nice set on the neck good forechess nice lenght of back, would like a little less angulation on rear, moved well, covering the ground.

Old Smuggler’s Blockbuster
Fawn exellent head, well prefind stop, good forchest, nice front asambley good dept of rib nice lenght of back well rounded croup when setteled moved very well, can bring his tail up which spoils the move
EXC JUNKK 1 BIM-junior

Old Smuggler’s Chocca Mocca
Brown lovely temperament good strong head balance boone nice deep chess would like a little more lengths of ribs, just need to seattle in the ring, to show himself up to adventage, well presented nice coat coming thrue
Unghundsklass hanar
Farmarens Heart of Class
Lovely temperament nice strong head, would better laid back on shoulder, good length of back well presented and moved steadly while settled

Hillbacka Entertainer
Lovely head, well defind stop balance angulation fore and back nice dept and shape of ribs, would like him just a little longer, on the moved he really strecht out. Coat need a little more finish, nice sound dog!

Typografen’s Quirky N’Quaint
Most beautiful head and expression nice well defind stop lovely upperarm with good forechest and dept of rib, ovely lenght of back with well rounded croup nice rear and on the move he sale in drive, showing a nice clean and an Ideal topline
Öppenklass hanar
Alistair’s Good as Gold
Impressiv on the stand lovely outline lovely head, good strong underjaw. Nice forechess lovely set on neck good dept of rib, nice rounded cro would like a little less angulation on the rear most impressiv on the move holding a lovely topline

Awniescot’s Rockery Master
Nice head, good strong pigment would like a little more layback on shoulder deep chess, good level topline, would like little less angulation at rear, well coated, moved well would like a little reach

Beardmarked’s Fuel For Life
Brown, would like a little more definition on stop, would like a little more angulation on the shoulder nicely shaped Rib, little steeper in the croup, little proud of his tail which spoil his movement, exellent coat texture and colour

Clic’s Dream Came True
Pale, shape nice head and eyes would like a little more angulation on the shoulder nice upperarm, good length of back and nice rounded croup, very easy mover with ideal tail carrige cover the ground

Dynamit Vanilka
Solid build with good head would like better layback on the shoulder, nice length coming from rib, and nice back end, good hars coat in hansing Is outline. Moved well with good topline, well presented

Farmarens Belive In Me
A little fait in underjaw would like it a little bit stronger and lacking pigment, and rather a bit heavy in shoulder good length of back nice rounded croup, more steadly a little pride of the tail.

Farmarens Èclair d’Amour
Beautiful head with soft melt expression. Would like a little more layback on the shoulder, superb deep chess and good length of back, moves handly well presented and handled to adventage

Heather Mist Mr Sandman
Nice caracter, would like a little more dept of pigment and more defind stop, balance fore and out would like more lenght of rib, move soundly and the tail spoild the outline

Old Smuggler’s Clean Sweep
A lively boy, lacking strength in underjaw would like more clear on the k9 Balanced a very proud tail relat. To stand, lovely expression

Piece of Cakes Stand By Me
Nice head and eyes, lovely coat condition and presentation like a better shoulder, nice length of back, would like a bit more shape to the rib, moved well, nice topline, Can spoil his shape bringing the tail up.
Championklass hanar
Braemoor’s Party Trick
Dog in his pride, beautiful coat, colour and presentation lovely head nice expression good upperarm, nice dept and shape of rib, well rounded croup, moved with drive lovely outline standing well handled.

Braemoor’s Spitfire
Good eye and pigment nicely balanced head, good set on his neck, nice shoulder and upperarm nice dept of rib nice length of back, would like a little less angulation on the rear, He flix hes feet a little on the move lovely outline well presented

Farmarens All In
Super head lovely stop, and arched nice set on neck, good upperarm lovely shape and dept. Rib good forechest nice length of back, would like a little less angulation on the rear Very sound mover, lovely outline, well handled to get the best for him Good strong underjaw

Farmarens Dark N’Handsome
Lovely head and eye, good expression, little caurse on the shoulder, lovely dept and shape of ribs good length of back, easy mover, when his tail drop, plenty of reach and drive, well handled and presented

Farmarens Victorius Valentino
Super expression lovely dark eye nicely balanced angulation, nice dept for chest nice length for back, nice rounded croup, moves well and lift his head higher on the move, well presented nice outline standing

Farmarens Xplosion In Black
Lovely head and expression well set on neck nice upperarm, good dept of chesst beautiful coat, balance both end, easy mover, cover the ground with minimum effort, Beautiful handled

Goonie’s King Of The Sun
Would like a stronger underjaw and clearer to K9, good upperarm, and lovely shape and dept of rib, would like a little shorter loin, and a little less angulation on the rear, moved well, but lost his topline on time, presented in nice coat.

Goonie’s Knight To Remember
Nice head, would like more strenth of underjaw and more clearing of K9, little caurse on the shoulder, nice upperarm, good dept of rib, nice length of back with well rounded croup presented in lovely condition and moved fluidly.

Heather Mist Rebel Rebel
Beautiful head and expression good eye, nice set on the neck, good upperarm, plenty of boone, lovely length of back, on the move shows plenty of reach and drive, and setteld and drops tail really stand out.

Hillbacka Bodyguard
Nice head, would like a little more stop, nicely balance front and rear angulation, with good dept on chest, and nice length of rib, moved well, holding his topline, and keep a nice shape on the move.

Old smuggler’s Subzero Hero
Good head would like darker eyes, lovely forechest, nicely balanced angulation, like a little more length of rib, his tail a little high set and could be just a little bit longer, a bit distracted on the move, have a nice outline

One Man Show De La Tour Melusine
Delighted champion, lovely expression good dark eyes and pigment nice set on his neck, nice front, lovely shape and dept for rib, good rear, on the move sometimes lose his topline a little, lovely outline standing Well presented and handled
Veteranklass hanar
Alistair’s Teach Me Tiger
Most beautiful expression dark ex eye lovely head proportion good set on his neck nice front ensemble good dept of chest lovely length of back, well rounded croup, beautiful outline standing, biggest tail in the world He like to show. Most expressiv dog handled.

Memorylane Undercover Flash
Delightful Temperament lovely eyes, expression, nice set on his neck good dept on chest mid Length of back, beautiful coat in good condition moved very happely. Lovely outline standing

Nickelby’s Umber Knight
Lovely temperament nice head and eye good strong pigment good length of back nice long deep rib, moved very happily, in full coat nice tectur

Sweet Enola’s Fly With Me
Blue nice head, full of himself today, nice front and rib, and when settels present very nice outline, a little distracted on the move. So you didn’t see a lot of it Well present. And sympatetic handle.

TV Vanilka
Lovely head dark eye good strong underjaw nice angulation both end, good length for back moved well alike a little drive lovely outline standing lovely caurs coat, very well presented
Juniorklass tikar
Alistair’s Million Dollar Baby
Great size & substance. Balanced head. Great stop good mouth. Pigment ok. Exellent neck. Great wathers. Good upperarm & shoulder. Gret topline. Exellent ribs. Great angulation. Long teil. Moves soundy out & back Just needs to settle in the sidegate. Super correct texture on coat.

Braemoor’s Caught My Fancy
Medium size correct substance. Feminin head, correct stop, Dark eye. Pigment could be better. Short neck. Upperarm & shoulder has to be better angulated and longer. Just enough body length. Ribs ok. Great hindangulation short hawks. Nicely mover at crop. Good tail length. Sound out & bak Her sidegate restricted.

Farmarens Joy Of Life
Feminin quality bitch. Balanced head. Needs to mature. She needs a stronger foreface. Exellent pigment. Dark eye. Correct stop. Exellent neck. Moderat frontangulation. Correct bodyproportions Good ribs. Exellent hindangulation. Neat short hawks. Good tailset & carrige. Move soundly out & back. Far ridge in sidegate. Pleasent coat She just needs to mature.

Goonie’s Merry And Bright
Exellent type Verry femenin head. Vell balanced. Correct stop. Pleasing eye & pigment. Needs mor neck & frontangulation in upperarm. Exellent topline. Good ribs.Ex. Hindangulation. Needs short hawks. Good tail set of good length Moves soundly out & back. Tad extericted She needs more fourleg length. Carring to much veigh. Superb. Coat condition.

Memorylane A Mile A Minute
Top size. Correct balanced head. Correct stop Dark eye. Super pigment. Moderate neck. Correct front angulation. Good body length. Short ribs. Correct hindangulation. Good taillenght. Moves soundly out & back. Sidegate are toutch arratic. Tailcarridge could be better. Shes under veigh. Good coat.

Old Castlebridge Consider Me Cute
Top quality Super type. Feminin with correct substance. Greatly balanced head. Good stop. Pleasing eye colour & pigment. Exellent neck & front angulation. Correct body proportions correct ribs. Exellent hindangulation. Greatly moved at crup. Great tailset and carrige. Good tail length. Verry sound out & back. Super sidegate with reach & drive. Super coat.

Old Smuggler’s Movie Star
Fabulous type, exellent substans. Great balanced head. Correct stop. Exellent pigment. Lovely dark eye ex. Expression. Flat skull, exellent neck. Correct front angulations Super body proportions. Addiquit ribs. Super hindangulation Nicely moved at crop. Ex tailset & carrige. Moves soundly out & back Smooth in sidegate. Supercoat. Temperament could be stronger.

Old Smuggler’s Rhapsody In Blue
Correct size, good substance. Femenin correctly proportion head. Correct stop. Pleasing eye colour & pigment. Moderate neck & front angulation. Good body length Correct ribs. Moderate hindangulation. Good tail lenght. Sound out & back Her sidegate and tailcarrige needs to settle Good coat

Victory Wind’s Sweet Dream at Honey
Great size & substance femenin head, greatly balanced. Eye colour & pigment OK. Needs more stop. Superb neck. Great wathers. Exellent upperarm & shoulder in angulation. Good body length. Correct ribs. Moderat hindangulation. Good crop. Tail is just long enough. Shes sound out & back. Smoot in the sidegate. Exellent coat.
Unghundsklass tikar
Alistair’s Jenny On The Block
Medium size, greatly proportion head, correct stop. Dark eyes. Exellent pigment. Beautiful expression Moderate neck Her shoulder length ar short & needs more angulation. Upperarm is good. Moderate hind angulation. Would prefer shorter hawks good tail length. Sound out & back. Needs to be firmer in sidegate and lower her tail. Coat in supercondition

Alistair’s Joyride
Femenin of correct substance. Greatly balanced head. She could have a bit more stop Dark expressive eyes exellent pigment & neck. Correct upperarm & shoulderangul. Good body length. Ribs ok. Correct hindangulation Lovely short hawks Vell moved at crup. Good tail set & carrige. Moves good out & back Moves smooth in sidegate. In exellent coat.

Farmarens Haute Couture
Good topsize. Correct substance Beautiful balanced head, femenin expression. Correct stop good skull & underjaw. Pleasing eyecolour & pigment exellent neck, correct wather, shoulder & upperarm. Exellent bodyproportions trough ribs. Great hind angulation Nicely moved at crup. Good tailset and carrige. Good length on tail Moves sound up & down. Smooth in sidegate. Exellent coat condition

La-Fajas Romantic Rose
Femenin bitch correct size & substance Balanced head, correct stop flat skull Good underjaw. Pigment & eye colour OK. Moderat neck. Correct wather. Upperarm & shoulder length ok. Exellent body proportions. Ribs good. Moderate hind angulation Hawks could be shorter and firmer. Nicely moved at crup. Good tailset and carrige. Needs to strengthern Going avay. Great coming towards. Good coat condition.

Old Highland’s Platinum De Luxe
Strong bitch, balanced head, great stop. Flat skull. Lovely eye and expression. Short neck. Shoulderangel & length could be better Upperarm good. Body proportions OK. Just enoug hind angulation. Would prefer shorter hawks. Good tailset & carrige. Sound out & back Study sidegate but lacks reach

Vallklanens Worth The Wait
Great size & substance. Verry femenin. Balanced head, great stop Good Eye colour & pigment. Underjaw could be slightly stronger. Moderate neck. Great frontangulation good body length great ribs. Just enought hindangulation Good tailset and carrige. Sound out & back Study drive in sidegate. Great coat condition
Öppenklass tikar
Beardmarked’s Reb’L Fleur
Correct size & substance. Femenin great proportion head. Good stop. Pleasing eye, pigment ok. Short neck, needs more front angulation, pasterns need to be farmer, good body length. Ribs ok. Just enough hindangulation. Shes sound going avay, needs to strengthen coming towards. Sidegate tad restricted. Tail just long enough. Lovely coat, beautiful colour.

Braemoor’s Fennes Felicity
Medium size, femenin, balanced head with great stop. Dark eye, good expression. Pigment good but need mor strength of underjaw. Moderat neck. Needs more shoulder & upperarm angulation. Good body length. Moderate hind angulation Needs short hawks good ribs. Tailset & length is good. Moves soundly out & back. Just enough in the sidegate. Supercoat & condition

British Spirit Tullibeardie
Feminin bitch good substance exellent type correct balanced head correct stop flat skull dark expressive eyes moderate neck wod like a bit more front angulation correct body length good ribs moderate hind angulation good tailset & carriage short tail sound out & back stedy sidegait carrying too much weight good coat

Clic’s Charming Magnolia
Correct size & substance. Femenin balanced head with correct stop. Pleasing eye colour. Correct expression flat skull. Moderat neck. Good wathers moderat front angulation exellent body proportions. Correct ribs. Nicely moved at crup. Good tailset & carrige. Move soundly out & back. Exellent drive in sidegate. Shes carring a bit of veight. Exellent coat.

Farmarens Back In Black
Femenin bitch, great size. Well balanced head. Correct stop. Flat skull. Good eyecolour and pigment. Moderate neck. Needs more front angulation. Good body proportion. Great rib. Good hindangulation. Nicely molded crup Good tailset & carrige. Short tail. Sound out & back. Study sidegate tad Restrictiv in front. Good coat

Fjällglimtens No Mountain Too High
Femenin correct size and substace. Balanced head, good stop Lovely dark eye with exellent expression Super pigment. Flat skull. Would like her to have more strenght in foreface. Correct wather front angulation good. Could have a bit more fore leg length throu body proportions, correct rib. Exellent hind angulation Nicely moved at cruo. Good tailset & carrige. Exellent coat.

Memorylane I Zteel Hearts
Medium size of good substance. Femenin vell balanced head. Just enough stop. Flat skull. Lovely dark eye, good expression & pigment Moderat neck and front angulation Good body length Good tailset and carrige great hind angulation. Sound out & back Study driv in Sidegate. Firm topline exellent coat great texture.

Old Smugglers Frozen Dreams
Medium size great substance. Very femenin Balanced head great stop. Dark eye. Pleasent pigment. Short neck. Needs mor front angulation good body length. Correct ribs Great hind angulation Nicely moved at crup. Good tailset & carrige Moves soundly going avay. Wide coming towards. Sidegates are a bit aratic & destract good coat condition

Old Smuggler’s Razzle Dazzle
Topsize femali, great substace. Femenin well balanced head correct stop. Flat skull dark eyes. Exellent pigment. Great body proportions. Good ribs. Exellent hindangulation. Needs short hawks. Nicely moved at crup. God tailset, length & carridge She sound out & back. Sidegate verry unsetld exellent coat condition. Unfornatly her temperament dont alow to go throu

Tolkien’s Dream Pearl
Great size & substance. Beautiful balanced head good eye colour. Exellent expression. Pigment ok. Moderat neck. She needs mor frontangulation good bodylength. Correct ribs & hind angulation A bit squere over the crup. Tailset a bit high tail lenght good. Sound out & back Study cordinated sidegate. Tailcarrige could be better. Great coat and texture.

Vallklanens Moira
Correct size & substance. Verry femenin. Vell balanced head. Correct stop good eye colour & pigment. Moderate neck & front angulation Good ribs. Correct hind angulation Good tailset & carrige Good Taillength. Verry sound out & back. Study drive in sidegate. Great coat correct textur. Exellent temperament

Vallklanens Sensational Selene
Strongly build topsize, balanced head, correct stop flat skull, moderate eye. Pigment ok. Exellent neck, moderat front angulation correct bodyline, good ribs Correct hindangulation Nicely moved at crup. Taillength good. Sound out & back. Study sidegate. Good coat of great texture. Overall shes a bit to much for me.
Championklass tikar
Alistair’s Déjà Vu
Topsize but corect substance Femenin head well balanced great stop. Dark eye. Good pigment moderate neck needs more frontangulation good body length, correct ribs Correct hind angulation Nicely moved at crup Good tailset & carrige. Tail of good length Sound out & back. Study sidegate. Vell presented coat of great texture. But a bit to much

Cool Heart’s Beyond Breathless
Top size to much substance balanced head correct stop. Dark eye good pigment. Flat skull moderat neck, needs more frontangulation good body length. Correct rib. Moderat hindangulation. Good tailset and carrige. tail a touch short. Sound over, narrow coming towards. Study sidegate. Good coat texture, but to much coat. Over all she lacks femeninity.

Cool Heart’s Bisous Pour Toi
Oversize, too much substance. Balanced head great stop. Dark eye, flat skull. Good pigment Moderat neck. Good body proportions. Correct rib. Good hindangulation, tailset & carrige. Tail just long enough. Moves soundly out & back. Study sidegate. Correct texture of coat but to much coat and lacks femeninity

Cool Heart’s Brilliant Step
Moderat size, femenin. Great substance. Vell balanced head with correct stop. Exelle nt pigment. Good underjaw. Flat skull Moderat neck. Needs more frontangulation Good body length. Correct ribs. Hindangulation OK. Tailset Ok. Tail short Sound out & back Study sidegate. Topline could be former. She’s carrying to much vight. Coat of good texture but to long.

Farmarens Étoile Du Nouvel An
Fantastic type. Correct size & substance femenin head. Vell balanced correct stop. Dark eye, pigment ok. Could have a slightly stronger foreface. Exellent neck. Correct wuther Moderat front angulaton. Exellent body proportions Good ribs. Exellent hind angulation Short hawks Good tailset, carige & length. Sound be farmer going away, god coming on. Exellent coat

Farmarens Vanilla On The Rocks
Correct size and substance. Femenin head, vell balanced, great stop. Beautiful dark eye Fabulous expression. Flat skull. Corect ears exellent neck, correct waters Upperarm and shoulder exellent for length & angulation Elbows tight. Correct body proportions. Correct ribshape and depht. Exellent hind angulation. Correct crup. Exellent teilset & carrige, length good. Sound out & back Harmoni sidegate shows exellent and an Powerfull rear exellent coat.

Fjällglimtens Northern Light
Exellent typ moderat size correct substance. Greatly balanced head with correct top. Dark eye. Exellent pigment. Exellent pigment Moderat neck & front angulation. Good body length, correct rib Moderat hindangulation A bit squer over the crup. Tail a bit short Move sound out & back. Sidegate uncordinated and tailcarrige could be better. Coat in good condition.

Heather Mist Million Reason’s
Correct size fabulous type. Beautiful head Vell balanced femenin of correct proportions Dark expressiv eye exellent pigment. Moderat neck Correct body proportions and ribs. Exellent hindangulation. Short hawks, great crup tailset & carrige. Move soundly out & back Study powerfull driving sidegate. Carring about to much veigh. Super coat condition

Hillbacka Awesome
Correct size femenin bitch with good substance. Vell balanced head, correct stop, dark eye good pigment flat skull. Moderat hawk & front angulation. Good body length short in rib Good hindangulation Short hawks square over the crup Good tail length. Sound going avay could be a bit firmer coming towards. Sidegate and tailcarrige could be better. In super coat.

Memorylane Let Me Entertain U
Moderat size correct substance. Vell balanced head. Correct stop. Exellent eye colour & expression Pleasing pigment. Flat skull. Good underjaw. Exellent neck. Correct wathers Good upperarm & shoulder. Angel and length correct body length & ribs. ex. Hind angulation Nicely moved at crop Good tailset & carrige good tail length. Sound out & back exellent smooth sidegate showing correct reach & drive. Exellent coat. Carring a bit to much veight

Memorylane Shezall That Glitters
Exellent typ, beautiful head. Correct proportions. Exellent dark eye. Lovely expression flat skull, correct pigment. Exellent neck & front angulation. Correct bodyproportions. Ex. Hindangulation, good ribs, need short hawks ex crup good tailset, length & carrige. Sound out & back. Study sidegate. Carring a turn to much veigh. Exellent coat texture but to much coat.
Veteranklass tikar
Kindle Passion Wunderkind
Correct size, good substance. Balanced head, correct stop, dark eye flat skull. Pigment ok. Moderate neck & frontangulation Good bodylength. Correct ribs, exellent hindangulation Nicely moved at crup. Nice tailset. Carrige and length Sound out & back. Powerful drive in sidegate Caring to much vight. Topline could be farmer.
EXC VETKK 1 BIM-veteran
Farmarens Zip Your Lips med hundarna: Farmarens Éclair d’Amour, Fjällglimtens No Mountain Too High, Fjällglimtens Northern Light & Farmarens Étoile Du Nouvel An
Very type Group all with good dark eyes lovely strong head, good solid pigment, very even body shape. Would be proud to have a group like this
1 HP

Old Smuggler’s Subzero Hero med hundarna: Memorylane Buckle up Buttercups, Old Smuggler’s Blockbuster, Farmarens Haute Couture & Vallklanens Sensational Selene
Lovely group, good strong head, a nice body type plenty of length, well booned, another group to be very proud of.
2 HP
Braemoor’s med hundarna Braemoor’s Party Trick, Braemoor’s Spitfire, Braemoor’s Caught My Fancy & Braemoor’s Fenne’s Felicity
Beutiful heads wonderful expressions most delightful caracter, correct coat type and body length Breeder must be very proud, just love the non stop waggin tail.
2 HP

Farmarens med hundarna Farmarens Éclair d’Amour, Farmarens All In, Farmarens Dark N’Handsome & Farmarens Xplosion in Black
Unmisstakebel type, such strong head, good forface and nice stop all exell in length, standing outline, to get type this consistens, takes a lot of skills, very jealous
1 HP